Below you can find answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Voter Registration Questions
You must have two forms of identification, one with your current DeKalb County address. Click here to see the list of acceptable forms.
Yes, the State of Illinois Voter Registration website provides an online registration system for voters who reside in Illinois. To register online, a valid Illinois driver’s license or state issued ID is required. Click here to access the online registration website.
If you are a DeKalb County resident, you can register to cast a ballot within DeKalb County at the DeKalb County Elections office. Click here to see location and hours.
If you are a DeKalb County registered voter you can request to have a DeKalb County Voter ID card sent to your home by sending an email to the DeKalb County Clerk’s office. Please include your name, address, and birthdate and that you are requesting a new Voter ID card. The card will be sent to you in the mail. Click here to access the contact us page.
Click here to access the State of Illinois Voter Registration Lookup to confirm registration at your current address.
Find the “Check Voter Status” or “Already Registered to Vote” buttons within Votera to confirm your voter status within DeKalb County.
No, this is not required. However, when you vote in a primary election the political party ballot that you request will become part of your voting history.
You can either visit the DeKalb County Clerk’s office, or download the Change of Address form and return by mail to the County Clerk’s office. Click here to download the form.
Click here to access the State of Illinois Online Voter Registration system to update you voter registration. You could also visit a DeKalb County voter registration location.
Current Election Questions
Click on Sign Up at the top right of the Votera home page and give us your email address and we will send notifications in advance of the important election events.
The list of active Federal, State, and Local offices that are up for election are published on the Illinois State Board of Elections website well in advance of each election. Click here to view the list of offices up for election.
Sample ballots for the upcoming election will become available on Votera approximately 45 days prior to Election Day. In order to receive email notification when sample ballots are posted to Votera, sign up at the bottom of the Votera home page.
Assigned voting districts can be viewed from the Votera home page under My Voting Districts.
Election Day Voting Questions
The Election Day polls open at 6:00am and close at 7:00pm.
If you are a registered voter within DeKalb County, you can perform a Voter Status lookup within the Votera website to find your voter record that will include your assigned Election Day polling place. If you are not registered to vote, but you are a resident of DeKalb County, you can use Votera to perform an address lookup to determine your home precinct and polling place.
No, if you are already registered to vote all that you need to receive a ballot at your polling place is your personal signature. The signature that you submit at your polling place will be compared to the signature captured and saved when you originally registered to vote.
Yes, all DeKalb County Election Day polling locations have the resources to allow new voters to register and vote on Election Day. Just remember to bring the proper identification.
Early Voting, Grace Period Voting, and Vote By Mail Questions
Early Voting for the upcoming election begins 45 days prior to Election Day. Click here to view the list of DeKalb County Early Voting centers
The locations and hours of DeKalb County Early Voting centers can change between elections. To see the current list of Early Voting locations and hours, Click here.
Yes, starting 27 days prior to the election during Grace Period voting the Early Voting centers can register new voters and have them cast their ballots during the same visit. Click here to view the list of Early Voting centers.
Grace Period Registration is an extension of voter registration, starting from the regular close of registration, up until and including Election Day. (27 days total). Grace Period individuals must vote on the same day as they register to vote.
If you are a DeKalb County registered voter, Click here to request a VBM application from DeKalb County. If you are registered outside DeKalb County, Click here to access the State of Illinois VBM application for your home county.

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